Amra is a lion and the Totem Animal of Conan, the animal brother of Conan's very soul, as revealed in "Amra the Lion".

By the encouragement of Zula and the Wasai shaman, Conan set out to master the Sign of Jhebbal Sag by first discovering his totem animal. After a few false starts, he finally found his true animal brother, a lion whom Conan named Amra, the Great one.

However, the traitor Gora sought revenge on Conan and Zula and used a spell to inflict pain on their bodies with a magic akin to voodoo dolls, pain that would eventually kill them.

Amra willingly strengthened his bond with his human brother to help Conan bear the pain, and share with the Cimmerian his lion senses and strength, even allowing Conan to see through his eyes. With Amra at his side, Conan thwarted Gora's wicked plans.