The Black Ring of Set is an evil object of magical power worn and wielded by Wrath-Amon, bestowed upon him and fueled by Set himself.

The Ring is made of a black material and appears as a tiny serpent enwrapping the wearer's finger, and when Wrath-Amon uses its magic the serpent's mouth opens to reveal either a green jewel or green magical energy that unleashes Wrath-Amon's evil magical spells.

It is one of the focuses of the series and targeted by Conan after he was told that the destruction of the ring would dispel all of Wrath-Amons evil magicks, including the Curse ofLiving Stone the dark wizard cast upon Conan's family.

Though the Ring is an object of terrible power, its power is limited and excessive and prlonged use can cause it to run out of power and force Wrath-Amon to retreat. He must go before his master Set, who is the one who provides the Ring with power, to refuel it.