Epimetrius the Sage was the leader of the wizards who originally banded together to cast a spell of banishment upon Set, imprisoning the evil snake-god in the Abyss.

In time he passed away, and his body was placed in a secret tomb though his spirit lived on, having foreseen the threat of Set may return. In time, after the discovery of Star Metal and their potential for good and evil.

He appeared before a young barbarian warrior and directed him to find the Tomb of Epimetrius the Sage, saying the seal of the phoenix would show the way. He waited patiently and the warrior, Conan, found his tomb, and Epimetrius revealed his true identity, and informed Conan of the Star Metal and how it can be used against the Serpent Men but also as the key to free the evil Set from the Abyss. When Conan asked if the sage knew how his family, turned to stone by the wicked Serpent Man wizard known as Wrath-Amon could be restored, Epimetrius instructed Conan to destroy the Black Ring of Set, and all Wrath-Amon's evil magicks would be dispelled, inclduing the Curse of Living Stone he cast upon Conan's family.

Epimetrius then gave Conan a sturdy shield which also featured the fledgeling phoenix named Needle, as a companion and magical guide for Conan, and disappeared.