Gora was a Wasai Prince and the cousin of Zula. But he was power-hungry and treacherous, perfectly willing to betray and condemn his cousin to lay claim to the Wasai throne.

His original plans of betrayal were thwarted when Conan helped Zula return home, and Gora was distanced from the throne further when Zula named Conan his blood-brother and heir apparent of the Wasai throne should anything happen to Zula, thus the Barbarian unknowingly earned the hatred of Gora.

Since his cousin and Conan both stand between him and the throne, Gora has conspired to remove them both out of his way but failed every time until finally he was exposed as a traitor in "The Stealer of Souls".

As a Wasai, Gora's Spirit Animal is a Jackal, appropriate for his treacherous character and hunger for power.