Greywolf is a Wizard of Xanthus, and the youngest of three siblings after his elder brother and sister, Sasha and Mischa.

History Edit

When Conan and friends come seeking Xanthus, Greywolf first tests Conan whether or not he is worthy to enter the city of wizards. When Conan proves himself by showing mercy, he urges Greywolf for help because his friends, Zula and Jezmine are in danger.

Using his cloak like a flying carpet, Greywolf helps save them and welcomes them personally to Xanthus (even giving Needle a pomegranate when the little phoenix reveals himself).

After learning that Conan seeks the Wizards of Xanthus for help in restoring his parents to flesh and blood after they were turned to stone by Wrath-Amon, Greywolf takes the group of heroes to the council of Xanthus, but they sadly inform Conan their best earth wizards can only change the shape of earth, not turn it into something else entirely.

They also inform the heroes that Xanthus is having their own troubles, as several of their most wisest wizards have gone missing. The heroes' star metal weapons sense a Serpent Man in their midst, and one of the wizards is revealed as a spy for Wrath-Amon. quickly sending the infiltrator to the Abyss, Greywolf, his older siblings Sasha and Mischa, and a sorceress named Mesmira request the heroes help in finding their lost wizard colleagues.

in the end, it is revealed that Mesmira was behind the wizards going missing and she curses Sasha and Mischa with the poison of the Lycanthrus Flower, turning them into werewolves enslaved to her will. Mesmira then proceeds to use a monstrous magical plant she created to steal the magic of all Xanthus's wizards, but in the end she is thwarted.

Alas, the heroes cannot restore Greywolf's brother and sister to human form but they are able to free them of the werewolf madness, allowing them, even in their new wolf forms, to recognize their brother, who swears to find a way to make them human again.

Greywolf joins Conan in his quest to stop Wrath-Amon, the Serpent Men, and all enemies of mankind.

He even gains his own star metal, a claw-like tool known as the Claw of Heaven, and adds it to his magic staff to enhance his magical powers.

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