Alias Vingel Silent Star
Alignment Good

Astivus (father)

Selene (mother)

Friends Conan, Zula, Snagg, 
Enemies Wrath-Amon, Mesmira
Weapon(s) Shuriken
Voice Actress Janyse Jaud


Jezmine was born as Vingel, the daughter of a noblewoman Selene and a soldier Astivus. Since she was born out of wedlock, she was taken to a relative to hide until her parents are married. Unfortunately, she was taken by thieves, but saved by a circus crew who raised her as their own. 


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Master Acrobat and Skilled Combatant - Having been raised by a circus troop, Jezmine can perform daring acrobatic feats and skills, such as tightrope walking, vault-jumping, carthweels, flips, and she implements these skills when in combat.

Master of Shurikenjutsu - After acquiring her Star Metal Shuriken, Jezmine trained and mastered the art of Throwing Stars and can throw them with incredible accuracy.


  • Her greatest nightmare is to sucumb to her half-Serpent side.