Needle is a fledgeling Phoenix and the constant companion and friend of Conan.

Loudmouthed and full of spunk, Needle tends to complain and gripe, often calling Conan 'big dumb barbarian', but overtime the little phoenix becomes devoted to Conan, having once followed after Conan when the hero was dragged into the Abyss, purely because Needle saw his friend was in danger (and his nickname for Conan later on becomes more an endearment than an insult). Whenever he comes through for his friends, Needle is often rewarded with his favorite food, pomegranates. Though often afraid or hesitant, Needle often proves himself a hero in his own right. It is no surprise Needle is often full of hot air, both in pride and temper.

Despite his constant complaining and comical squawking, Needle proves his worth, as a friend, a source of knowledge in magic and lore passed down to him through the memories of his phoenix ancestors (his past lives), and even as a scout or spy.

He tends to nickname his friends and others and doesn't always address them by their names:

  • Conan "Big Dumb Barbarian"
  • Jezmine "Star Girl"
  • Greywolf "Gray Wizard"
  • Snagg "Red Beard"
  • Falkenar "Bird Man"
  • Mesmira "Bad Witch"

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Immortality - As a Phoenix, Needle can live forever and even if he perishes he is reborn from fire and ash. Due to his immortality, he ages very slowly, still considered a fledgeling when he's currently around a hundred years old.

Memories - Needle can sometimes recall the memories of his phoenix ancestors (what he calls his past lives) though how well he remembers can vary from vague to vivid.

Knowledge - Due to his memories, Needle possesses an extensive knowledge of legends and lore, which often comes in handy.

Fire Immunity - Needle cannot be harmed by fire, or even lava or extreme heat. This is because as a phoenix Needle is born in fire.

Phoenix Design - Needle has the ability to become a Phoenix Design upon flat surfaces, as he very often does on the Shield given to Conan. This can protect Needle from harm or being threatened by enemies.

Supernatural Sensing - Needle is able to sense sources of magic and feel whether they are good or evil, and has also used these senses to search for magical friends, like Greywolf

Phoenix Fire - Needle can emit beams of light from his eyes to allow him to see in the dark, and turn any flame into Phoenix Fire which warms and invigorates the body