Sasha and Misha are the elder sibligns of Greywolf, and like him are both skilled wizards themselves, residing in Xanthus, the City of Wizards.

One day, when Greywolf brought Conan and his friends to Xanthus in their search for magic to turn Conan's parents back from stoen to flesh and blood, Sasha and Misha apologized for even their best earth wizards could only change the shape of earth and stone, not into something else entirely.

They also discovered a Serpent Man among their council of wizards, and the infiltrator was quickly banished to the Abyss by Conan and his friends' Star Metal weapons. Believing this spy responsible for some of their wisest wizards going missing, they, along with a visiting sorceress named Mesmira, sought the missing wizards out.

It was quickly revealed that Mesmira was the culprit but she used poison from the thorns of the Lycanthrus Plant to turn Sasha and Misha into werewolves under her control (she would've gotten Jezmine too had she not been so agile).

Mesmira was thwarted and the wizards were able to use their magic to cleanse Sasha and Misha of the werewolf madness, but they remained transformed into wolves. Their brother Greywolf swore to them he would a find to make them human again.

Since then, they have accompanied their brother and often Conan on their adventures to find cures for their families and to stop the evils of Wrath-Amon, Mesmira, and other wicked evildoers.