Snagg is a Vanirman, his culture long having held a feud with the Cimmerians, and as such Snagg very often buts heads with Conan. Although they started off on the wrong foot, they very quickly became friends due to how similar they are, and often brawl and throw good-natured barbs at each other, and challenge the other to contests of strength or skill.

Snagg wields an Axe of Star Metal and used to also have a Grappling Hook of Star Metal, but after he was saved by Thunder, he gave the hook to Conan as repayment so the Cimmerian could make Star Metal horseshoes for his loyal steed.

Being of the Vanirmen, Snagg enjoys sailing, and while they are similar Snagg tends to be less mature and in control of himself.

In "The Frost Giant's Daughter", Snagg successfully won the heart of a Vanir woman named Brittina, after learning humility rather than bragging or boasting in front of her.