Tarra is an orphaned little girl who appears in "The Star Metal Monster".

She possesses innate magical powers, which she uses to make her doll dance. She was bullied by other children, who ruined her doll. She went to a blacksmith, asking him if he could repair her doll but he cruelly turned her away. But while the blacksmith was busy, Tarra entered his shop and found a monstrous statue made from pure Star Metal and accidentally brought it to life.

The monster and Tarra formed a bond, and she named him Titainus while he became her protector. Alas, he was targeted by Wrath-Amon, who wanted the monster as he was made entirely of Star Metal. Using Tarra as bait, Wrath-Amon lured Titainus into a trap where Conan and his friends intervened.

Titainus rescued Tarra but was being destroyed by Wrath-Amon's magic. to Tarra's heartbreak, poor Titainus used the last of his strength to entrust her safety to Conan before he was completely destroyed.

Tarra was taken in by Azurel, who promised to look after her, to teach her how to use her gift, and gave Tarra a leopard cub as a present.