The Khary Dragon is a mighty and powerful dragon, the last of his kind, and a... ally of Conan.

For ages, the Khary Dragon was bound to a miniature dragon statue that granted those with the proper knowledge the power to summon and command the Khary Dragon. According to him, the Khary Dragon was made to serve the evils of humankind for tens of thousands of years.

The Silent Dragon clan were tasked with delivering the dragon statue to the overlord but it was stolen. The overlord was fooled by a spy sent by Wrath-Amon that the Silent Dragons stolen the statue and betrayed him, and thus they were banished.

The Silent Dragons turned to Conan for help, training him in their ways to give him the skills to infiltrate the den of their enemies and steal the statue back. When Greywolf was in danger after recovering the Scroll of Chung Chi, inscribed with the secret incantations to summon and control the Khary Dragon, Conan summoned the dragon to help his friend and then set the Khary Dragon free.

The Khary Dragon left to Dragon's Rock, the highest peak in the Mountains of the Night to avoid humans altogether.

But Conan, with the help of Master Hee of the Silent Dragons, sought the Khary Dragon out to seek knowledge of how to restore his family to life.

However, as dragons don't always remember favors, the Khary Dragon subjected Conan to numerous tests before even speaking with the barbarian warrior, tests of strategy, cunning, tricks, determination, and even compassion and forgiveness. Conan passed the Dragon's tests and saw that some of them had been nothing more than illusions created by the Dragon's very breath.

The Khary Dragon recognized Conan worthy of being the Champion of Humankind but could not give him the knowledge he sought, for the knowledge to restore his family was a part of Conan's destiny, which he alone had to fulfill. Instead, the Khary Dragon swore to Conan in his hour of greatest need he would be there, and bid the Cimmerian farewell.