The Silent Dragons are a clan of Shadow-Walkers, ninja warriors, honor-bound to serve and protect their overlord, the ruler of Phenion. On a mission to safely deliver a dragon statuette that grants power over The Khary Dragon they were attacked and the statue stolen.

A Serpent Man spy whispered into the overlord's ears and convinced him that the Silent Dragons had betrayed him and stolen the statue for themselves, and thus they were banished from Phenion.

To restore their honor without defying the will of the overlord, the Silent Dragons approached Conan and requested his help; though they could not defy the sentence of banishment from the overlord they could send someone who was not a Silent Dragon to recover the statue on their behalf.

They tasked the Silent Dragon elder, Dong Hee, with training Conan in Ninjutsu, and Conan succeeded in reclaiming the statue with help from Needle and Greywolf, and also set the Khary Dragon free so that no one would ever be able to summon him and force him to do their bidding again.

The Silent Dragons officially welcomed Conan into their fold, giving him the name 'Great Dragon'.

In "Sword, Sai, and Shuriken", Jezmine aided the Silent Dragons in a plot against their emperor and was welcomed as a member and given the name 'Silent Star'.


  • Conan, Great Dragon
  • Dong Hee, Silent Dragon Elder
  • Swallow
  • Jezmine, Silent Star