Torrinon is a short-statured charlatan who comes from a long line of wizards. Torrinon however had no true interest in magic, instead wishing to become an actor (but he turned out to be no good at either). So he joined a traveling circus as their resident charlatan, and learned many performing arts and presumably fell in love and had a daughter who grew up to be his lovely assistant (it is unknown what became of the mother of Torrinon's daughter).

Torrinon and his daughter eventually left the circus and settled in a village but to protect it, they used their knowledge and skills of performing arts, along with various props, mechanisms/contraptions, and special effects and tricks to fool outsiders that Torrinon was a powerful and dangerous wizard, Torrinon the Terrible, even getting the whole town in on it to help sell the illusion.

The fearsome reputation Torrinon garnered with these tricks and performances served to keep trouble-makers away from the village.

He did not however count on the heroism of Conan, Jezmine, and Snagg spurring them to "free the village" and they found him out as the fraud he is. Even so, they quickly realized Torrinon was truly a good person who was only using his tricks to protect his home and neighbors.

Unfortunately, Windfang soon arrived as a herald of Wrath-Amon, who was coming to challenge Torrinon to a wizard's duel. Torrinon was terrified of facing a truly powerful and dangerous wizard like Wrath-Amon but his daughter, neighbors, and Conan and his friends encouraged him by offering all the help they could.

Wrath-Amon arrived and the duel began, with the two of them trying to outdo the other's magic, but with everyone's help Torrinon sucessfully fooled Wrath-Amon and even "summoned" Wrath-Amon's enemy Conan to fight for him. Conan managed to drive off Wrath-Amon (partly because the wizard's black ring was running out of power) and Torrinon's secret was safe.

The victory and everyone's encouragement inspired Torrinon to believe in himself and return to his magical studies.