Alias General Venturas
Family Mirim (Former fiance, deceased)
Enemies Conan , Falkenar, Zula, Snagg, the Kari dragon
Friends Jezmine
Alignment Bad
Weapon(s) Mace
Voice Actor Doug Parker


Windfang (Previously General Venturas) is a dragon-like slave of Wrath-Amon.


Despite being forced to do Wrath-Amon's bidding, he seems to take genuine pleasure in torturing his victims. For example, he grabbed a woman in Zula's village only to throw her back to the ground. This is because after being robbed of his humanity and freedom, Windfang is so miserable he takes out his suffering on others even though it leaves him feeling hollow.

He yearned to have his old life back but once realizing everything he knew and the woman he loved were all gone, Windfang felt that he had nothing to live for and resigned himself to his fate as Wrath-Amon's servant.

Even so, there is a glimmer of good still in him, as he willingly gave himself up to Wrath-Amon to save Jezmine.  


About 200 years before the start of the series, General Venturas was  a human general from Koth. He was also engaged to lady Mirim. One day, his king sent him and his men to invade Stygia. But when he and his army opposed Wrath-Amon, they ran from his dark magic in fear. Unwilling to surrender like his men, Venturas resumed fighting, but lost and was subjected to weeks of experimentation from the cruel wizard. Finally, Wrath-Amon turned the general into the dragon-like being he is today, before releasing him. Venturas flew to his fiancee, but she reacted in horror at the sight of him. According to him, 'she couldn't even stand his touch'. 


Like his dragon appearance suggests, Windfang can breathe fire and fly. Thanks to his thick skin, he can't feel the cold even though he lives on top of a snowy mountain. Being a former general, he is a combat expert. 

Episode appearances

Windfang has appeared in the following episodes:

  • Windfang's Eyrie
  • Isle of the Naiads
  • Earthbound
  • Shadow Walkers
  • Wind in Kusan
  • When the tolls of the bell ring
  • The once and future Conan
  • The Star metal monster


  • His final fate was never resolved in the animated series. 
  • He was voiced by Doug Parker. 
  • In his first flashback, he was shown to have black hair. But when he returned to human form, his hair was blond/ginger. 
  • With the opening credits, he is the third character to be first seen in the series. The first is Conan and the second is Wrath-Amon.