Zula is the Prince of the Wasai and sworn bonded-brother of Conan, who helped him escape slavery and lead other slaves to freedom after Zula was unknowingly betrayed by his treacherous and power-hungry cousin, Gora.

As a Wasai, Zula loves and respects nature and all of its creatures, calling animals his brothers and treating them with compassion and respect, and grateful to them whenever they heed his call for help. He accomplishes this by tracing the Seal of Jhebbal Sag, the Master of Beasts and the personification of animals in Wasai lore, and chanting "By the Seal of Jhebbal Sag, hear me my animal brothers" and then requesting them to help him in some way, and the magic of the seal reaches the right animals who can aid Zula with the task at hand.

Zula provides spiritual guidance to Conan as well as a cooler head, and in time even taught Conan how to call upon animals using the Seal of Jhebbal Sag. His Star Metal weapon was originally a set of Bolas (enchanted by a potion given to him by Jezmine to return to him at his command) but due to the Bolas getting entangled every time they were used he reforged them into a boomerang, and the enchantment remained intact.

His Spirit Animal is the Tiger.